APRIL 2010
Meir Panim Global Leadership Forum - March 2010
Dear Friends,

We are pleased to highlight the first ever Meir Panim "Global Leadership Forum" which took place last month. Representatives, professional leaders and volunteers of Meir Panim from seven different countries across the North American and European continents came face-to face with the impoverished population who have benefited from the organization's various outreach programs.

The participants witnessed first-hand Meir Panim's relief efforts, especially in preparation for Passover. The three-day schedule was packed with touring and volunteering at several Meir Panim centers, meetings with political leaders and bonding with the impoverished men, women and children who benefit daily from Meir Panim and the efforts of its worldwide affiliates.

We have featured some important highlights of the trip below.

- American Friends of Meir Panim

The Global Leadership Forum and Schulz Quality Catering
A significant portion of the Global Leadership Forum's activities were dedicated to becoming familiar with the Schulz family and Schulz Quality Catering's activities.

Renovation Commencement Ceremony at The Mortimer Zuckerman & Abigail Zuckerman Israel Nutrition Center
On Monday, March 8th, 2010, Meir Panim held a ceremony marking the beginning of renovations on the Mortimer Zuckerman and Abigail Zuckerman Israel Nutrition Center in Kiryat Gat, which will be the largest industrial kitchen in the Middle East.

Meeting with Welfare Minister Herzog
The Global Leadership Forum met with Mr. Yitzchak Herzog, Welfare Minister in the Israeli Knesset (Parliament).

Volunteering at Free Restaurants
The group toured the Free Restaurant in Netanya and volunteered at the Free Restaurant in Jerusalem, preparing food for hundreds of diners.

Visiting "Employment Horizons" Programs
The group paid a visit to the "Back to Work Workshops" women's employment program in Haifa and the "Young Aiding the Old" vocational program for youth-at-risk in Yokneam.

Distributing Passover Food Shopping Cards
The group leaders fanned out across one of Sderot's poorest apartment blocks, where they knocked on the apartment doors of indigent families, providing them with a friendly smile and a pre-paid Food Shopping Card that would allow them to purchase vital foodstuffs ahead of the Passover holiday.

Meir Panim's Passover Campaign

The "Kulam Beseder" Initiative
To aid the large quantity of destitute families across Israel, Meir Panim stepped up its Passover relief efforts this year. Over 4,000 families invited needy individuals into their homes through the "Kulam Beseder" campaign (literally, everyone is okay, and everyone is at the Seder) run by Meir Panim and Ynet, enabling thousands of needy people to experience the Passover Seder in a warm, welcoming home.

All Who Need Should Come and Eat
Meir Panim continued its annual tradition of hosting Passover Seder meals for those lacking a place to go in several branches across the country. The fully catered meals were conducted in a dignified manner, full of beautiful Passover traditions.

Thousands of Food Shopping Cards and Packages Distributed to Needy Families
In addition to Meir Panim's nationwide "Kulam Beseder" campaign that coupled needy people with people willing to host them, public Seders in Meir Panim's branches, and the mass distribution of food shopping cards, Meir Panim's branches across Israel distributed food packages to their diners.
The World's Largest Matzah is Donated to Meir Panim
Just before the Pesach holiday, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat presented Meir Panim with the largest hand-matzah in the world, at a formal City Hall ceremony.

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